Welcome to GROWING Worcestershire

We are a resource for local food growing for health, community, pleasure and local food security in the centre of England. We are governed by the concept of the triple bottom line, i.e. Enhancing the economy, environmental improvement and social benefit.

What is Growing Worcestershire?

The launch meeting of Growing Worcestershire was held at County Hall, Worcester on Friday 8th November 2013.

Over 80 people from a wide variety of organisations attended the event and agreed on a way forward. Growing Worcestershire is a loose and independent network of volunteers and organisations who care passionately about linking communities with good quality food for health, recreation and enjoyment on a non profit making basis and for those working in local food production, distribution, retailing and marketing from the micro level upwards.


The Keynote speaker was Peter Norton, Author of a “Sustainable Food Strategy for Herefordshire” and a local food Consultant.

Worcestershire Food Links

About thirty people went to County Hall in Worcester on Thursday 10th December 2015 to discuss how the Awards for All funded (Lottery) project Worcestershire Food Links could be organised. (See our WFL page for more details)

WFL Meeting 1st December, Worcester Guildhall

About 30 people also attended the Worcestershire Food Links Meeting Thursday 1st December 2016 to discuss the continuation of the network. We will give an update on what took place soon.


Our Gleaning Network

As one of its first major activities Growing Worcestershire organised a gleaning meeting on Tuesday 14th April 2015  in the Council Chamber at County Hall, Worcester at which nearly one hundred delegates attended. Gleaning is where volunteers pick crops or produce which would otherwise be uneconomic or difficult for the farmer or owner to do.

Potatoes being collected by the team after a successful glean.

Our first major Glean organised by our former co-ordinator Lizzie Pegler

Worcestershire had it’s biggest glean yet! On Saturday 24th October 2015 armed with 30 glorious volunteers an incredible 3.5 tonnes of delicious gala apples equivalent to 43,750 portions of fruit were saved from going to waste because they were to small and redirected to people in need all over the country. See our Gleaning page for the full story.

There are a couple more gleans in the pipeline very soon so please if you haven’t already register as a volunteer at: ow.ly/JUyZR