Worcestershire Food Links: a Lottery Funded Project of Growing Worcestershire

Worcestershire Food Links is funded by an Awards For All Lottery Grant and is being managed by Malvern Hills Food Alliance working with groups of volunteers around Worcestershire.

The aim of the project is to make local food and drink affordable and accessible to everyone.
This will give Worcestershire more food security, make it more resilient and less reliant on fossil fuels while supporting the local economy.

We will try to achieve this by:
• Identifying local producers, processors and outlets
• Encouraging local markets for Worcestershire food
• Encouraging local food outlets and caterers to use more local produce
• Making local food affordable for those on restricted incomes
• Enabling local residents and visitors to access local foods more easily

The first part of the project is to create a list of farmers, growers and food establishments in Worcestershire to create a local Food Links network.
This will enable individuals and businesses to work together as a local food network to source local food and encourage more businesses, institutions and households to value local produce.


• A Worcestershire Food Links network
• A website to promote local food and drink and enable households and businesses to source local food.
• A database to help local organisations to produce local directories as hard copies and online
• The database will help Institutions and businesses to source local food
• The database will enable us to engage with all food and drink businesses to explore the benefits of using local food and drink
Membership of Worcestershire Food Links is open to any Independent food or drink businesses located within Worcestershire if they wish to support and promote local food and drink. We also will include growers, producers and processors within Worcestershire and those within adjoining counties if they are able to supply Worcestershire food businesses within 30 miles.

How will Worcestershire benefit from this project?

• It will improve the local economy for Worcestershire
• It will reduce our carbon footprint.
How can growers, producers, retailers and caterers benefit from being part of the Food Links network?
• Assistance to source local products and outlets.
• Reduced transport costs
• Increased business by developing and promoting a local food culture and brand
• Free advertising through the Growing Worcestershire website
• Promotion through county wide and local hard copy directories
• Opportunities to work with others in the food links network to create shared opportunities

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